Institutional Technical Departments

1- River Engineering

• Preparing different studies and plans for the protection and development of the river including the economical, environmental, and social impacts.
• Navigation development and production of navigation charts.
• Application and development of numerical models to study sediment transportation along the Nile River and estimate water surface profiles for different scenarios of water management policy.

2- Water Quality

• Surveying and monitoring the water quality in Lake Nasser and River Nile and pollution sources along the river as well.
• Development of water quality modeling techniques for the management of the Nile River water quality.

3- Hydraulics Protection

• Studying and forecasting the changes resulting from the hydraulic constructions located in the River. Carrying out stability analysis for major barrages along the River Nile concerning piping and uplift pressures using two dimensional probabilistic numerical models.
• River Bank Protection & Water Fronts Development

4- Lake Nasser

• Monitoring and evaluation of the sedimentation in Aswan High Dam Lake (Lake Nasser and Lake Nubia) and its effect on the reservoir storage capacity and Aswan High Dam operation.
• Lake Nasser evaporation losses and reduction analysis
• Flood Forecasting